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    March 2011 | Filed under: Resources, Technology & Communications

    To examine how recent technological advances have changed the way we use mapping for outdoor recreation, we have compiled the following article.  It explores developments over the last few years, and asks some questions about the future of digital mapping, including how different organisations and the public sector might respond to the changing nature of mapping technology.

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  • A Guide To Producing Maps For Recreation

    February 2011 | Filed under: Resources, Technology & Communications

    We have produced a short guide to producing mapping for recreational purposes. The guide was based on our research completed for a consortium of countryside agencies consisting of Countryside Commission for Wales, Forestry Commission Wales, Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage. The consultant team consisted of Judith Bowles, Steve Green, Dr Tom Hartley of York University and Rob Malton. To download the guide, click on the link below.

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  • A Brief Guide to Social Media

    August 2010 | Filed under: Resources, Technology & Communications

    With the internet becoming the new place to interact socially with friends, family and colleagues, a range of different social media sites has arisen over the last decade that give users multiple ways to engage and interact with their social contacts. This guide is intended to give a brief overview of a number of different social media platforms that are currently available online at the time of writing. It aims to provide an outline of the key features, background information, and specifications relating to capacity and usage that each platform has to offer. While this guide gives an insight into some of the most popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, it also gives details about some lesser known sites, providing valuable information for both new social media users and existing users alike.

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