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    QR codes provide marketers with a great way to dive people to their websites, video material, phone numbers or apps.  Already, this technology has moved on and now its possible to do the same by scanning any image – this could be a printed advert or image, or even a sign on a building or vehicle.  The clever bit is that the film only plays within the parameters of the object. Lots of possibilities here!!


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    To examine how recent technological advances have changed the way we use mapping for outdoor recreation, we have compiled the following article.  It explores developments over the last few years, and asks some questions about the future of digital mapping, including how different organisations and the public sector might respond to the changing nature of mapping technology.

    If you’d like to discuss the issues raised in this article, please visit our facebook page and join in the online discussion.


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    We have compiled a summary detailing a number of nature watching opportunities that are currently available in the UK.

    The paper details a number of ways in which nature can be observed, whether it be birds, animals (such as red squirrels, bats, deer, otters, badgers), wild flowers, flora, or interesting geographical features. It also includes several links to some of the best places they can be seen.

    Bowles Green LTD gained this information when working on a research study on nature tourism for the Kielder Water & Forest Park and a scoping study on nature tourism in North East England.

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  • A Guide To Producing Maps For Recreation

    February 2011 | Filed under: Resources, Technology & Communications

    We have produced a short guide to producing mapping for recreational purposes. The guide was based on our research completed for a consortium of countryside agencies consisting of Countryside Commission for Wales, Forestry Commission Wales, Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage. The consultant team consisted of Judith Bowles, Steve Green, Dr Tom Hartley of York University and Rob Malton. To download the guide, click on the link below.

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  • Greening Guidance For The Tourism Industry

    August 2010 | Filed under: Green Business Guidance, Resources

    Welcome to Yorkshire asked us to write and design guidance and industry sector fact sheets on green business practice in the tourism industry.  We used research by Welcome to Yorkshire and others to provide examples and case studies showing how businesses can benefit from green practice.  The guidance summary and factsheets, which include multiple ways to make attractions, food and drink services, serviced and non-serviced accommodation greener, can be downloaded using the link below. More information on greening your business is available from C02 SenseYorkshire.

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