Tristan Bowles

Tristan BowlesTristan Bowles has recently received a distinction for an MSc in Postproduction, with specialisation in sound design, from the Department of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of York. During the course he worked on a number of audio projects, which ranged from practical sound recording techniques to sound editing and mixing in both Pro Tools and Logic Pro Studio. He also completed a Spatial Audio and Surround Sound module, where he was required to write the script for a 3-minute audio-only scene and then record the scene using actors, mixing the resulting dialogue, sound effects, Foley and ambience tracks both into stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Tristan has also been involved with the set-up of a unique audio experience called “I Hear Too: Live”, which was an event showcasing sound-art and music in the historical setting of York Minister.

He is currently working as part of the Bowles Green team on the Breamish Valley Sound Trail – a project for Northumberland National Park Authority, which will increase awareness and understanding of visitors to the National Park Centre at Ingram and the wider Breamish Valley as part of the Cheviot Futures Project.  He has also undertaken research on a number of projects for Bowles Green Ltd, most recently Langold Country Park – Financial Appraisal.